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cure 009The female team of BHC Dubrava has won the first tournament in the Croatian championship - Zaprešić Open. In a very exciting final, after a shootout, in which we managed to score our third one point shot, we were better than the team of Kontesa Nera. Besides the trophy, two of our players were elected in the Best team of the cup - Ivana Benko as pivot and Kristina Smiljanić as the right wing.

Girls reached the final with a maximum number of points and just one lost set. In the semifinal they had beat Detono Zagreb with 2:0. It was the same score the group against Zaprešić and Sesvete, and the only team to take a set against us was Garden.

Our male team has falled flat in the most important game of the cup, the quarted final, and has seriously compromised our goal, the Final 4 in Varaždin, held in mid-July. After a good start with three group wins against Chemo profili, Zaprešić and the Junior national team of Croatia. In the quarter final we encountered the second team of BHC Čakovec and were astounded by an impeccable team. Although nothing managed to go in our favor their win was absolutely deserved.The cup was won by Detono, Sesvete were send and Čakovec third. Next weekend is a chance to fix things as the second tournament which will be held in Ivanić Grad.


0074 ženski dres s ledjaWith the tournament on Zaprešić's lake Zajarki starts the new Croatian beach handball championship in which the title defenders are Dubrava in women's competition and Detono in men's. This year's championship brings a new competition format. After three tours in Zaprešić, Ivanić Grad and Zagreb the best four teams will compete in the Final 4 held on the 14th and 15th of July in Varaždin.

In the women's cup there will be eight teams divided into two groups. Dubrava will start their second straight title defence from group A where they will encounter the teams of Sesvete, Garden and the junior national team of Croatia. Kontesa Nera, Detono and Zaprešić Will play in group B. In the men's part twelve teams are divided into three groups. Dubrava is in group C with Chemo profili, the junior national team of Croatia and the hosts, Zaprešić. Before the start of the championship Ivan Dumenčić had this to say: "Considering the new format this will be a very interesting championship. However, in both competitions, we seek to win every tour, and we have teams capable of that. Still, the crown of the cup will be the Final 4 in Varaždin and I hope we will come there in optimal form so that girls defend the title and the boys do what we have not been able to - dethrone Detono."


0073The 10th annual Jarun Kup, organised by AKRP Zagreb, has ended. The hosts managed to provide an excellent tournament consisted of top of the line domestic and foreign teams in both male and female competitions like every year so far. In the end we can be pleased with the result and the quality of beach handball displayed which is a great morality boost at the start of the croatian championship.

Our mens team has won the bronze medal with a score of 5 and two. You could make a case that our team played a sort of a european championship considering some of our adversaries were complete national teams. We ended the group on the 2nd place, beeing defeated by Detono Zagreb and winning against Oroshazi Hir Sat (Hungary), Libra tehničar and Albena beach Bulgaria (Switzerland). In the quarterfinals we won against NOR Beach from Norway and in the semifinal we lost. Danish Hshop was better in the shoot out. In the bronze medal match we managed to beat BHC Sesvete. The tour was won by Detono Zagreb and our Drago Prka was the best pivot.
Dubrava team: Badžek, Grahovac, Prka, Smolković, Vukasović, Dujmić, Bašić

Girls came to the tournament without any imperative regarding the result but still displayed excellent game, as good as last two years. Top defense and a patient attack proved to be the key to success on this years Jarun Kup. Girls were also 2nd in the group behind Szentendrei NKE against whom they lost 2-0. That 2nd place led them to dutch OHC 01 in the quarterfinals. They won 2-0. In the semifinal we encountered Detono Zagreb. The detonators proved to be very hard to crack in the 1st set, which we won by a single goal, 17-16. In the 2nd set our girls played on a higher level which resulted in an easier set, 23-12. We seeked revenge in the final but eventually we falled short. Although winning the 1st set, our 7th meeting was won by Szentendrei for the 5th time by more concentation during the shootout. Šamarinec and Bukovina were named in best team of the tournament
Dubrava: Bukovina, Čurek, Smiljanić, Haček, Šamarinec, Prevendar, Bušić, Ercegovac


0072 kugliceBeach hanball club Dubrava found out opponents at first croatian beach handball tournament - Jarun Cup 2017, Tournament will be held from 28th April to 1st May on ŠRC Jarun courts and organized by ABHC Zagreb. We didn't have luck with so our teams expect tough matches. BHC Dubrava will participate with one male and female senior team and this are groups for the tournament:

Twenty teams devided in four groups. Two best teams from each group are going to quarter final. BHC Dubrava will play in group C together with Detono Zagreb, Oroshazi Hir-Sat (Hungary), Albena Beach Bulgaria (Switzerland) and Libra tehničar.

group A: Chemo Profili Zagreb, Nor Beach 2 (Norway), White Boys, AKRP Zagreb, KRP Nevažni
group B, Čakovec, Sokol, Minden, Sesvete 2, Nor Beach 1 (Norway)
group C: Sesvete, Cassino Gaeta (italy), Hshop (Denmark), Rovinj, Camelot (Holland)

Eleven teams devided in two group. Group A will have 6 teams and group B five. BHC Dubrava will play in group A together with BHC Sesvete, Szentendrei NKE (Hungary), Pyrki Poznan (Poland), YAC Cro 2 and Olympia 2020 (Switzerland). In group B are teams OHC '01 (Holland), Detono Zagreb, Kontesa Nera, Chemo Profili Zagreb and YAC Cro 1


0070 dubravasice na podijuBeach handball club Dubrava is now officialy the third best club in Europe. Our girls did a fantastic job in the four days of the Champions Cup with six wins and two losses, which was enough for the bronze medal. This is the clubs single greatest success, a club which was formed merely six years age now is in the european elite. The bronze is well deserved; the last two matches were also our best, and with a bit of luck, I could be writing a different article- about silver or even gold.

In the semifinal our girls played a home team, Deporte y Empresa Clinicas Rincon. It was a great match against a team who has in their roster several spanish national team players, which are the world champions. The start went to Rincon and with 6 minutes in they were leading 17-10. in that period our panthers did not have an answer for a very diverse play of the opponents. However, after a time-out and a change in tactics we see a different Dubrava and that resulted in a 9-0 series with a score 19-17 for Dubrava. Rincon, in their final attack, equalize the score leaving Dubrava with an attack for victory in the first set. However, Lamas Rodriguez saves the shot from Smiljanić. In the golden goal attack, after getting the ball Rincon misses the goal but the ball bounces of the post and ends up in the hands of their pivot who has no problem scoring. Shocked with the last minute events, our girls have not entered the second set as well as they could. Rincon took the lead of 13-6 and everything pointed to an easy set for them but our girls managed another comeback with 6 unanswered points. Unfortunately, that was all and we had to get ready for the bronze medal match. Barmejo was unstoppable in this match, scoring 16 goals. In our team Smiljanić had 10.

In the bronze medal match we played a dutch team, Camelot, who has been an elite team for a while now. Although dissapointed for not reaching the final our girls played a great offensive match in which they scored a whopping 42 points. In both sets we were in the lead but with no chance of separating more than 4 goals apart exept in the finish of the first set when we had a 6 goal margin. The second set was even closer. The lead was exchanged throughout the set. Our goalkeeper, Simona Hajduk, had some great saves in that time period. In our last attack, with 16-16 on the board, we made a zeppelin, to be specific- Grebenar and Šamarinec made it and brought us the lead. Camelot had the chance to equalize from the right wing but Maus De Borst misses the net. She was the most dangerous player for our goal,scoring 14 points. In Dubrava, Lucija Kelava scored an astonishing 25 points, almost 60% of our goals.

In the final, the home team Rincon from Malaga won the championship after a shoot-out against Hungarys Multichem Szentendrei. Right after the match we talked to two players. The team captain, Kristina Smiljanić, had this to say: „We´re happy, we promised ourselves the medal and we are coming home with one. Some bitterness remains after losing the semifinal because we felt we were good enough to win throughout the match but we cracked a bit under the pressure. From the start we played our best beach handball to date but a bit more luck lacked to win the gold. However, we leave with a medal and a wish that we return next year and try to make a step further. Once again, congratulations to all the girls.“

Our goalkeeper, Simona Hajduk, was also delighted: „We regret for the missed final, but after that defeat we managed to keep our heads high and take the medal which we wanted. Congratulations to the girls who showed true caracter because it wasn´t easy playing just an hour and a half after beeing so close to the final match. Thanks to all of them and thanks to the ones who couldn´t go with us but we know they were with us over the internet. Smola (the coach) did a great job, just like Baško (physio) aswell as Duma who was with us all the time. Now itśs time to celebrate this success accordingly.“

It brings us great pleasure having one of only three individual awards. Lucija Kelava had a great tournament playing a wing scoring 120 goals in 8 matches (15 per match) and took the Best scorer award by a large margin. Jennifer Gutierrez is the MVP and Agnes Kokai the best goalkeeper. In the mens competition the winners are also from Spain. The new champion is Club Balonmano Playa Ciudad de Malaga. In the final they had beaten russian Ekaterinodar after a shoot-out. In the bronze medal match Hir-Sat from Hungary won against polish AFP Plock with 2-0.


0064 cure slavljeThe EHF beach handball committee drawed the groups for this year's Champions Cup which will be held this November at the Canary Islandsr. Among the 12 finest teams of Europe, which will fight for the championship in Maspalomasu, is also our girls team, the Croatian champion. The draw has set us up in group B with five exceptionally good teams.

On the first day we will play against Hungary's Lady Bugs and Polish BHT Byczki Olimijczyk Kowalewo Pomorskie. On the second day there are two matches, against 2Much 4You from Portugal and Club Balonmano Getasur from Spain. aThird day of the competition we will play our last group match against Bruder Ismaning from Germany, the only team from the group we had played before.

The other group consists of: Multichem Szentendrei (Hun), Deporte y Empresa Rincon (Spa), Os Tigres (Por), Kanonierky (Svk), Camelot (Ned) and Beachquenns (Sui).

Igor Smolković will be the team leader on Gran Canaria and this is what he had to say regarding the draw: " I am pleased with the draw although it would be hard to say any draw would be easy. Only the finest teams reach the Canary's and all of them aim for the semifinals. That is also our goal of course, the roster we have gives us the right to strive towards the medal. But to reach that we will have to play an excellent tournament without 'holes' in our game."


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