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0064 cure slavljeThe EHF beach handball committee drawed the groups for this year's Champions Cup which will be held this November at the Canary Islandsr. Among the 12 finest teams of Europe, which will fight for the championship in Maspalomasu, is also our girls team, the Croatian champion. The draw has set us up in group B with five exceptionally good teams.

On the first day we will play against Hungary's Lady Bugs and Polish BHT Byczki Olimijczyk Kowalewo Pomorskie. On the second day there are two matches, against 2Much 4You from Portugal and Club Balonmano Getasur from Spain. aThird day of the competition we will play our last group match against Bruder Ismaning from Germany, the only team from the group we had played before.

The other group consists of: Multichem Szentendrei (Hun), Deporte y Empresa Rincon (Spa), Os Tigres (Por), Kanonierky (Svk), Camelot (Ned) and Beachquenns (Sui).

Igor Smolković will be the team leader on Gran Canaria and this is what he had to say regarding the draw: " I am pleased with the draw although it would be hard to say any draw would be easy. Only the finest teams reach the Canary's and all of them aim for the semifinals. That is also our goal of course, the roster we have gives us the right to strive towards the medal. But to reach that we will have to play an excellent tournament without 'holes' in our game."


0064 cure slavljeThe woman team of BHC Dubrava will compete at the EHF Champions Cup for the second year in a row. This year, just like the last one, the competition will be held in Gran Canaria, an island in the Canary islands between the 3. and 6. November. The competition is held in both male and female categories, with twelve teams in each category. Our goal is to reach the semifinal which, last year, slipped through our hand in the shootout against BHT Juko Piotrkow, who went on to play the final. Our girls finished 7th. In the men's competition Croatia will be represented by Detono Zagreb, our multiple champion.


Female competition:
Multichem Szentendrei - Hungary
Club Balonmano Getasur - Spain
BHC Dubrava - Croatia
E.F.E. OS Tigres - Portugal
Lady Bugs - Hungary
Deporte y Empresa Clinica Rincon - Spain
BHT Byczki Olimijczyk Kowalewo Pomorskie - Poland
Bruder Ismaning - Germany
Cannabis Energy Drink Kanonierky - Slovakia
TSHV Camelot - Holand
Beachqueens - Switzerland
2MUCH 4YOU - Portugal

Male competition: Ekaterinodar (RUS), Ciudad de Malaga (ESP) BHT Auto Forum Petra Plock (POL), Detono Zagreb (CRO), BC Sanddevils (GER), Torslada HK (SWE), Pallamano Grosseto (ITA), HEI Skaering (DEN), BHC 1898 (SUI), V. Gaw (POR), Hir-Sat (HUN), Camelot (NED)


0027 NoviSad štrandToday, the international beach handball tournament has stared in Novi Sad and gathered many teams from the region, and some even further than that. Our team BHC Dubrava, the croatian champions, will also compete. In the pool there are thirteen teams from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Italy. The draw has not been kind to us as we were drawn together with the senior and junior Hungary national teams, who we played last week in Zagreb Open. If we pass the group stage, what probably awaits us is the national team of Italy. Although tough, we are not losing sleep over it because our main goal for this year was achieved with winning the national championship. This tour in Novi Sad will serve as an ideal opportunity for some of the girls who played less to prove themselves, and of course to party, something that never lacked on any tournament


0030 slavljeToday marks the start of the last Croatian championship tournament, Zagreb Open, after which we will know the champions for 2016. While it is all clear in the men's division, it's going to be a true spectacle when it comes to women. Three teams are fighting for the title, and there are also four great Hungarian teams and every one of them can eliminate one of ours from the race. Just to remind you, the defending champion in female competition is BHC Dubrava.

We have 15 men's teams enlisted for Zagreb Open. There are 3 groups with teams from Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. Only theory can take away the chamionship from Detono Zagreb and there is even less chance of someone to take the silver away from us, BHC Dubrava. Detono and Dubrava have played three EBT tours in which they have played the final each time and proved that they are a bit ahead everybody else. Four teams can win the bronze medal- Sesvete, White Boys, Sokol and Čakovec. Our team is placed in group B together with a Hungarian team OVB Dabas Beach Boy'z, KRP Dugi Rat and Sesvete Centro Team, with whom we open the tour.

A neck to neck battle is fought between Dubrava and Detono to win the female cup, with ŽKRP Kontesa Nera waiting for their mistake. Each of those 3 teams is placed in a different gropu together with 3 more teams. Our girls will start to defend the title in group A against Chemo Profili Zagreb and two exellent Hungarian teams: OVB Beach Girls and Multichem Szentendrei NKE Junior which are consisted of junior national team members. It is worth mentioning that the finals will be broadcasted by Arena Sport TV which is a huge achievement for our sport and a motive to further development.


0061 cureWe had opened the tournament in Ivanić Grad, the second tour in the championship, with a win over team BHC Čakovec in women's category. On the first day, on Friday, our teams had no scheduled matches, while today, we'll play almost all of them. It is nice to see a big turnout, especially in female competition with eight teams, and one of them beeing from abroad. The boys will have eleven teams divided into two groups.

Other than the forementioned match with Čakovec, our girls will play today the two remaining group matches. In 13h, in a rerun of last weeks final, against ŽKRP Kontesa Nera and in the last group match against Dangeorus team. In group B we will see Detono Zagreb, Sovice, Sesvete and a polish team Reflex AZS AWF Poznan. In the "men's departement" we have been set in group B together with BHC Čakovec, Sokol, Chemo Profili Zagreb and the junior national team. Also, boys will play today a match against Croatia (A-team) who is preparing for the World Cup in Hungary. Ivan Dumenčić, the captain and the coach of our female squad had this to say: "The tournament in Ivanić could define the standings overall in the championship. I must say I did not expect such a well played tournament regarding girls considering we were missing some key players. If we could maintain that level I think we would have one hand on the trophy allready. Still, we have to be fully aware that Detono and Kontesa Nera will be even more motivated to beat us after what happened in Čakovec, each from a different standpoint. There is also a polish team we know nothing about and therefore do not know what we could expect. The boys have set the goal this year to win the campionship. An optimistic goal. Of course we are not the favourites, but after playing very well in the Jarun Cup and Čakovec Open, although small, we have a chance. But for that to happen we need to consecutively beat great teams such as Sesvete, Sokol and White Boys in order to even have a shot to beat Detono."


0060 cakovec u goluAfter the finish of the first tournament in this years Croatian championship series we can be pleased with the results, although not completely because the men's goal was to win 1st place. Still, with girls winning 1st place and boys coming in 2nd we can say that the tournament in Čakovec was a success. Considering we won both the female and male MVP awards you can also say the tour was exellent on a personal level. Sandra Dandić is the best female player of Čakovec Open and Drago Prka, making a fenomenal come-back after a one year break from beach handball.

Our boys squad, encouraged by great results lately, planned to attack the very top in Čakovec. Throughout the whole cup they looked prepared for that and have reached the final with only one lost set. In the group they won against BHC Sesvete, Sokol, BHC Čakovec II and Chemo Profili Zagreb. Our quarter final adversary was Centro Team, a young team and the semi final one was Sokol. In the final against Detono Zagreb we played an exellent game. The first set went to Detono, but only after the golden goal, while the second to us. The shoot-out was decided with a save by the Detonators David Henigman. Our goalkeeper Tin Badžek has this to say regarding the tour: "I have mixes emotions about the tournament. In one way, we only lost a single set in the whole cup (considering the one in the final was lost after a golden goal) and I'm really proud of that but on the other hand I'm very sad to lose the final in which we were not out-played."

In the female tournament, four teams played the league on the first day. A bit surprisingly, considering the changed squad in which they never played before, they had won all three games, although two only after shoot-outs. On the second day our girls played great. In the semi-final they beat Sesvete with 2:0 and in the final, also with 2:0, Kontesa Nera which beat Detono in the semi's to everybody's surprise. The MVP, Sandra Dandić, had this to say: "We had played each game without any sort of pressure, with mutual support and assistance and won the gold deservingly so. I am also very happy to see new teams in which you can see great potential to play better and more competitive beach handball. I am proud to play for Dubrava and can't wait for new challenges in the future."

Next weekend the Ivanić Grad Open will be held. We hope we will have more good news to report after that.


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