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0038 PRVAKINJEThis weekend in Čakovec starts the first tournament of the Croatian championship. After one year the tournament returns to the northern-most croatian city. After that, the championship will be played in Ivanić Grad and Zagreb. Our female squad is the reighning champion while the boys will try to better than last years 3rd place. In Čakovec we will see nine men's and four female teams.

Besides the champion, BHC Dubrava, on the tournament will play croatian the most successful team Detono Zagreb, the oldest team ŽKRP Kontesa Nera and the newly formed BHC Sesvete team which proved to be a worthy adversary in the Zagreb league. The league part will be played on Saturday - all four teams will play each other while the knock-out part, the semi finals, will be played on Sunday. The girls will not have their full and the most powerful squad. They will attempt to defend the title without the captain and her substitute Kristina Smiljanić and Iva Ercegovac and also our defensive "wall" Dora Krsnik. Ria Haček has announced the tour which is held in her home town: "First of all, I expect to have fun which is always present within our team. That is the foundation of what we hope to be a new championship victory. I can't wait to get together, and although we are not coming with a full squad, I still think we are one of the favourites".

Nine men's teams will be competing in Čakovec devided in two groups. In group A we will see teams Detono, Čakovec, Centro Team Sesvete and White Boys. In group B we will see BHC Dubrava , Sesvete, Čakovec 2, Sokol and Chemo Profili. The men's tour was announced by our experienced goalkeeper Hrvoje Neumann who is more and more involved in the defense: "Encouraged by a great start this year we come to Čakovec with big expectations. I believe this year might be the most even in the last 6-7 years. Other than the favourites, Detono Zagreb, there are 4-5 teams who can beat every other team so I can't wait for the start". The boys will also be missing some players such as Aladenić, Punčec and Mirosavljević.


0003 Zg liga


This Saturday marks the start of the oldest Croatian beach handball competition - Zagreb league. The league was originally founded so that the teams could prepare themselves for the Croatian championship , and also for international duties such as the Masters. We are very pleased to see the expansion of the female league - from last year's two to seven teams this year. Some credit must also go to BHC Dubrava beacuse for the first time we will have two senior female teams. On the men's side eight teams will fight for the title , one of them is BHC Dubrava. The title defenders are Detono Zagreb in men's and BHC Dubrava in women's competiton.

Both of our first teams will play without help of few standard players so we don't expect big results. This will be good opportunity for our backup players to show what they can do.

The system is league + knock-out. Through the league every team will play against all the other teams as in a one big group and then the best four teams by points will play the semi-finals. The league will be played in the following weekend , while the semi-finals will be played on the 29th of May , 2016.


On the 3rd of March we recieved an e-mail from the EHF in which it calls all EBT Masters Finals teams to send in their applications. It also instructed the other teams to send in their applications aswell. We, as a club , feel that our team deserved to participate in that tournament, both with quality and the results , so on the 4th of April we had also sent our application.

We corroborate this with the fact that our team is the Croatian champion and the winner of all four tournaments it has participated in ( Ivanić Open , Balaton Open , Zagreb Open , Ivanić CRO Finals ). These tournaments are also the single condition to compete in the Masters. In the end we finished 9th by EBT points , but as the country can have only one participant , we we did not make the top 10.

Eventually, due to cancellation of some teams (which by points finished 12th and 17th) , on Tuesday, April 4th we recieved information that our application was accepted. Also,in the same e-mail,which was sent on thirty different addresses,there was also a group seed and the tournament schedule in which was also our club's name. Because of limited amount of time,just 45 days,we began organising the voyage for the players and staff and sorting the rest of logistics such as discussing with potential sponsors and searching for accomodation. On the following day, April 6th,we recieved an e-mail in which the EHF simply states there has been a mistake and without any further explanation informs us that our team is now out of the tournament and that a Netherlands team Paksoft Camelot will compete.

Due to this situation, we believe that the integrity of the EHF as a serious handball assotiation has been compromised. With their actions they have made a mockery out of a competition as serious as the EBT Finals. But,to us even more important, damage was done to our reputation which is something we can not tolerate. Beside our reputation, our credibility was also damaged. We believe this may deminish our chances searching for sponsors in the future and therefore also have financial effects. Finally,damage was done to Croatian beach handball in general, which is one of the flagships of the sport.

Today we sent a memo to the EHF in which we expressed our dissatisfaction with the beach handball comitee and that we seek answers on how this situation even occured. BHC Dubrava will continue to achieve great results on the field and through them, get a new chance to compete in tournaments such as the EBT Masters Finals and the Champions Cup.Regards,
  Beach handball club Dubrava


0057 Thesaloniki16Today we have recieved good news from the European handball organization. They have comfirmed that Beach handball club Dubrava will participate in the EBT Masters Finals in May which are held in Greece. At the Avant Gard Sports Center courts in Thessaloniki, ten male and female teams, who secured enough points through the EBT tour will participate in the tournament with same goal: to be on the top of the Europe.


It is worth mentioning that BHC Dubrava did not secure this position by default. Croatian champions and the winners of all four tournaments on which they had participated have finished 9th on the EBT ranking list (Detono Zagreb was 7th so they had secured automatic their place on tournament). We were invited to participate after one team has cancelled the participation.


Considering there is only 45 days till the competition, the groups are known. BHC Dubrava will start the cup on the 19th of May against home representatives, A.C. Spartacus Goalbet , and the second game will be against CBP Algeciras from Spain. On the second day we finish the group games with matches against OVB Beach Girls from Hungary and Poland's Reflex AZS AWF Volkswagen Poznan. On the final day semifinals and final ranking matches will be played.

Other in female, Croatia will also have two teams in the male tour - Detono Zagreb (defending Champion) and Beach handball club Sesvete, Masters debutants


0020 novi grb KRPMarch is the month when all of our players are far from the excitement beach handball brings. Although their current activities revolve around indoor handball,our players don't forget easily what awaits home and all over Europe on sand courts. Last week,  just under two months until the first tournament, ten of our members, mostly players, participated in a meeting whose purpose was to spark some new ideas and projects which would help our club evolve into a more developed, efficient and competitive club.

"We have come to a phase where our sports success supersedes our organizational level. I would dare to say that,result-wise,we have become a very formidable club,even for european standards. But for keeping that quality and even taking a step forward we will need more activity logistically. During that four-hour meeting we've had quite a few interesting suggestions and ideas that will assist in that goal." said Ivan Dumenčić, one of the founders and the club secretary.

One of our most vital projects is the creation of a youth academy, both male and female. In our very begginings we had male teams consisting of boys born in '92. and '94. which had a lot of success.


0007 zene BHSecond time in three years, greek town Thessaloniki will be host of EBT Masters finals series. Greek sand was happy place for Detono Zagreb in mens, and OVB Beach girls in female category two years ago, and now we have to see what will happen in period from 20th to 22nd May 2016. Defending champions are Detono Zagreb (6th time champions) and Agenta Girls. Unfortunatelly, our female team will not participate in Thessaloniki, even they desirve it with quallity. Our girls won first places at all four EBT tournament last summer, but that wasn't enough to collect suficiant number of point to travel to Greece.



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