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0073The 10th annual Jarun Kup, organised by AKRP Zagreb, has ended. The hosts managed to provide an excellent tournament consisted of top of the line domestic and foreign teams in both male and female competitions like every year so far. In the end we can be pleased with the result and the quality of beach handball displayed which is a great morality boost at the start of the croatian championship.

Our mens team has won the bronze medal with a score of 5 and two. You could make a case that our team played a sort of a european championship considering some of our adversaries were complete national teams. We ended the group on the 2nd place, beeing defeated by Detono Zagreb and winning against Oroshazi Hir Sat (Hungary), Libra tehničar and Albena beach Bulgaria (Switzerland). In the quarterfinals we won against NOR Beach from Norway and in the semifinal we lost. Danish Hshop was better in the shoot out. In the bronze medal match we managed to beat BHC Sesvete. The tour was won by Detono Zagreb and our Drago Prka was the best pivot.
Dubrava team: Badžek, Grahovac, Prka, Smolković, Vukasović, Dujmić, Bašić

Girls came to the tournament without any imperative regarding the result but still displayed excellent game, as good as last two years. Top defense and a patient attack proved to be the key to success on this years Jarun Kup. Girls were also 2nd in the group behind Szentendrei NKE against whom they lost 2-0. That 2nd place led them to dutch OHC 01 in the quarterfinals. They won 2-0. In the semifinal we encountered Detono Zagreb. The detonators proved to be very hard to crack in the 1st set, which we won by a single goal, 17-16. In the 2nd set our girls played on a higher level which resulted in an easier set, 23-12. We seeked revenge in the final but eventually we falled short. Although winning the 1st set, our 7th meeting was won by Szentendrei for the 5th time by more concentation during the shootout. Šamarinec and Bukovina were named in best team of the tournament
Dubrava: Bukovina, Čurek, Smiljanić, Haček, Šamarinec, Prevendar, Bušić, Ercegovac


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