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0078 final4 varazdinThis friday and saturday in Varaždin we will have our first Croatian championship Final 4. Never before have we had this format, in which the winners are newly crowned champions and therefore competing in the Champions Cup on Canary Islands. The Final 4 will be held on Kapucinski square, a venue made for great atmosphere, and the whole thing will be broadcasted by Arenasport and Sportska TV. The title defenders are Detono for men and BHC Dubrava for women which hopes to see a second straight title defense.

Detono qualified for Varaždin as the team with the most points in the three tournaments played. First places in Zagreb and Zaprešić and second in Ivanić were enough for them to clinch the no. 1 seed. They will play Chemo profili in the semis who had beaten, in a direct match for the Final 4, the team of Čakovec. BHC Dubrava placed third with winning Ivanić, final in Zagreb and with one mishap - eight place in Zaprešić. Our opponent will be Sesvete, our nemesis for a couple of years now. Neumann and Dumenčić will not play but we will do the best we can without them. Our goalkeeper, Tin Badžek said: ˝I am looking forward to Varaždin. It will be, ad least in beach handball terms, a true spectacle with DJs, dancers, commentators and with TV coverage. Also, it will be very interesting from a players and fans perspective due to the Final 4 format and the fact that every team can beat the other teams. I hope we will do our best to replace our marker and our defensive player who are missing. Although I am here, and thats all that matters. YOLO bithes, Tin out.˝ 

The Final 4 will be opened with the first womens semifinal against Detono and Dubrava. Our girls placed second with two finals and one tournament won in Zaprešić. In the second semifinal we will have a match between Kontesa Nera and Sesvete. Kontesa displayed great game this year and with Ivanić and Zagreb won they deserved to be the no. 1 seeded team and the favourite to win the Championship. Dubrava will have a tough task of defending the title. In Varaždin due to personal and other reasons there will not be basically one whole team - Smiljanić, Haček, Krsnik are missing and Lukšić and Perenčević are in Mauricius with the junior national team. Our specialist Dorotea Prevendar said: ˝WE really have a hard task in Varaždin. Due to all the cancellations we have to completely change the concept of our game but I hope we will enter the games determent to win first in the semifinaland then the final.˝

Final 4 starts in Friday in 19.00 with the first women semifinal between Detono and Dubrava and after that boys play against Sesvete


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