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0080 nakonfinalavaraždinaA few seconds from paradise. The title said it all. There were 7 seconds to go when Vukasović scored and with a lead of 27:26 we were so close we could taste it. Detono took the time out. They had to score for two points otherwise the title goes to Dubrava. It the first couple of seconds there was a disputable contact between Semren and Šošić but the referees don’t see it as an offensive foul, and the final second Jurić scores for two and takes Detono to a shootout in which they had more experience and concentration, although we had our chances. Congratulations to Detono on their tenth championship. Throughout the season they were the best, but in this game, the one that decided the champion, they weren't. We were. Were are still very proud how we played and we will definitely try again next year.

They say it's hard to point out the individuals when the team plays fantastic. So we'll point them all out:
Prka, a permanent danger for the opposite goal, and is heavily guarded by all teams. 11 goals in the final with just 2 misses.
Vukasović’s best match ever, 20 points from both wings. The seven times European champion had no solution for him.
Smolković: If Vuksa had a best match ever, Smola was pure perfection. Nobody even noticed that we were missing our (and the national team’s) first specialist. 16 points (8/9) and 10 assists. Took shots when nobody expected, fought his way through the defence and basically played like in a trance.
Begonja and Dujmić helped in their defencive roles. The goalkeepers had an easier job with them not letting easy shots through. They managed to make them give the ball to us without even taking a shot.
Badžek and Grahovac: the best tandem in the league, combining 8 saves, 2 points and 3 assists. The detonators didn't know how to deal with them in the first set.
Semren, he came from Sokol and took the role of a leader on both phases of the game. He scores, assists, blocks,... 8 points, 9 assists and a block.
Bašić, the heart of the team. Played least in the final but has been an important part of the team since the very beginning. We hadn't won this year, but if the team stays, that will happen sooner rather than later.

Our girls finished third. In the bronze medal match they've beaten Sesvete with 2:0. We got used to gold medals, but we were missing several of our key players. We hope that next year we will return on track and win home as well as abroad. Congratulations to Kontesa Nera on a deserved title. We wish them and Detono a good representation of our beach handball in the Champion's Cup this fall.



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