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0081 zastaveBeach handball season has ended 2 months ago but we already miss it. Because of that reason, we have prepared few interested articles with plenty interesting facts related to Beach Handball Club Dubrava. First article of that kind is about international matches which BHC Dubrava had played since 2010. when club was founded. If you are interested how many times BHC Dubrava played against teams from another countries, read the article.

In its seven years old history, Panthers played 88 internationals matches against 57 different teams from 15 countries all over the Europe ( Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Serbia, Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Macedonia and Romania) and two Asian countries (Oman and Qatar), The most matches (32) was played against 14 Hungarian teams. So far, Dubrava have international score of 57 wins and 31 defeat.

The women's team has played 47 international matches (score 31 W and 16 L) against teams from 11 countries. The most games were against teams from Hungary (19). Poland (5), Holland (5), Switzerland (4), Serbia (4) and Norway (4).  Szentenderei NKE (Agenta Gilrs) is the team from Hungary against who our girls played the most. Multiple european champions won in 5 out of 7 matches.

Men's team played 41 international matches so far with score of 26 wins and 15 losses. Thirteen out of 41 matches was played againt teams from Hungary, while our guys played 7 times against teams from Serbia nad Switzerland and 6 against teams from Netherlans. The most matches our mens team played against Netherlans team Camelot. In five matches our opponents still didn't win against Dubrava. Four times it was against our first team, while our "B" team also win one time against the same opponent. Three times we played against the Swiss team HSG Wasserschloss (3 wins), Hungarian Hir-Sat (1:2) and national team of Norway (1:2)



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