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0107 Andras Nagy At a recently completed EHF Beach handball Champions Cup in Catania, our men’s team was reinforced with Andras Nagy. Through some numbers, we will try to demonstrate what a big and experienced reinforcement he was. Andras is 30-year old Hungarian with 47 official appearances for Hungarian national team and counting, having reached semifinals at big competitions four times from 2015 to 2017. With his team Beach Stars BHC, he is two-time Hungarian champion and one-time EBT Masters Final finalist. He is modest about his individual achievements and puts team in front of an individual: "Personal awards are not as important as team awards", he says. At the ChC Andras played 6 matches in our jersey and scored 52 points, made 40 assists, blocked 5 shoots and had 7 interceptions. And most important thing for us: Andras is a first foreign player that has ever played for BHC Dubrava. On that note, we made an interview with Andras and hope you will enjoy reading it as we did doing it.

Hello Andras. For a start tell us what is the reason you decided to play for Dubrava at the Champions Cup?
 I was surprised when Dubrava asked me, but I was really happy about that opportunity. I thought it’s a good possibility to learn a bit different type of beach handball from a Croatian top team!

You didn't know the team before you came to Sicily. What did you expect from the team and from the whole tournament?
I already knew some players as an opponent, so I there was no surprise for me that it’s a good team with a big potential. Before the tournament my goal was to reach the quarterfinals and see what can we earn after.

Lets talk about the  tournament... From the point of view that it was the first time our mens team participate on such big event, 7th place is a good result. Are you satisfied with the result or not? Could it be maybe even better?
As I said, our goal was to reach the quarterfinals, but we had no luck in the shoot-out against Münster. The 7th place for a first-time-participant team is a great result, but I think every player wanted to go for a medal after the group phase.

You had a very important role in the team. As one of the oldest in the (very young) team you were very bussy on both part of the court - in offence and in the deffence.. how did you handle it?
I came to support the team and tried to do my best in offense and in defence. I was happy that I earned such a big role during the matches, sometimes it would have been good to have a second lungs maybe hahaha. I tried to help for the younger guys also, they were really open to cooperate.

Now, 10 days after the tournament, what do you think about the team?
I enjoyed every minute with the guys, they are all  great players and characters at the same time. I went to Sicily to get new experiences, but I went home with some new friends and I’m really happy about it.

As you could see in Italy, our girls and boys  are hanging around in their free time too, not only around the court.
Its not just like Dubrava has a man and a women team, it’s more like a big Dubrava family. We had
common road trips in the island, which I really enjoyed. The time we spent together was always fun, doesn’t matter who was there!

Do you know about the fact you are a first foreigner who ever played for BHC Dubrava in our 10-years history? How do you feel about that?
It’s a great honor to be the first foreigner in a club’s history, I’m really proud on it. I wanted to thank you for every player of both teams, because I’ve felt from the beginning like I was a member of this family since long before. I hope I could give some new impulse for the club and maybe our roads will cross in the future.

Thank you Andras for an interview. Hope it was not the last and only time we meet each other at the beach handball court.


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