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Great season opening: gold for U-19 team !

0002 Dona jarun kupWith the final games on the 1st of May ended the 6th edition of Dona Jarun Kup, season opening tournament organized by BHC Zagreb. We have the honor to say that on this year's throne was our U-19 team with the gold medal. 


There were competing six teams, players born on 1994 and younger. In tough competition our team made it to the semi finals with four wins and one defeat. In the semi final match our team showed the great performance and won the RK Gospić (2:0). In the finals we met Detono Zagreb who was undefeated at this tournament so far. In the first set BHC Dubrava showed superiority so we did not have any problems winning the set. In the second set Detono showed better performance  and led the game to the shootout. After first round of three shootouts result was still tight. The fourth shootout was on our side - after we scored, Igor Smolković saved opponent's shoot and it was enough for gold medal. After the game Igor Smolković said: Final match showed us everything that beach handball can offer: Many spectacular moves, goals and fun. I want to congratulate all my teammates on great performance. Our team had players in tournament's best team: Ivan Kolak as the best line player and Tomislav Nedić as the best left wing.

U-19 standings: 1. BHC Dubrava 2. Detono Zagreb, 3. RK Gospić, 4. CB Goldfinger Zaprešić...


In female competition there were six teams of competing (three of them partipicipates on this year's Masters in Umag). We know that Dona Jarun Kup 2013 was strong by the fact that one of them (Camelot Tilburg) did not even qualify for the semifinals. In the final match Detono Spizza Zagreb has defended the title by defeating the eldest Croatian Beach handball club: Kontesa Nera after the shootout. Unfortunately, BHC Dubrava didnt had female team in this tournament.

female standings1. Detono Spizza Zagreb, 2. Kontesa Nera, 3. AKRP Zagreb, 4. Sokol...

14 teams singed up for the male competition on Dona Jarun Kup 2013. One of them was BHC Dubrava, positioned in group A with 6 other teams. The first day we defeated  RK Gospić (19:13, 16:9), and two unluckily defeats after shootouts against Chemo Profili and Sokol Ingtel. On the second match day our guys had three matches against Pa KaaK, Let Cepelin and BHC Sesvete. Unfortunatly, we lost all three matches( 1:2, 0:2, 1:2), and finished up on the fifth place in the group. Deni Škopić, BHC Dubrava's line player said: We were playing this tournament without our standard lining up, so I can said that this result is not a true measure. Most of our players are playing indoor handball so we didn't have the time to exercise. This is a friendly tournament, so I belive that we will be in the best shape when it will be needed most.

Old and new winner in male category is Detono Spizza Zagreb who won final match against team Let Cepelin (2:0). Replay of the final match you can se on THIS LINK 

male standings: 1. Detono Spizza Zagreb, 2. Let Cepelin, 3.Sokol, 4.Pa KaaK, ... 10. BHC Dubrava,,,




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