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3rd place at the end of Zagreb league

0003 Zg ligaAfter silver medal from 2010 and gold medal from 2011, this year performance was complemented with bronze medal from Zagrebačka liga, the oldest beach handball competition in Croatia. In three weekends, between 5-19 may we witnessed many interesting games which often resulted in last seconds.


At Saturday we played four games from which we have won three. First game, after we won shoutout with BHC Sesvete, we defeated Chemo Profili by same way. Current  europian champions, Detono Zagreb were to strong for us, and that game finished 2:0 in sets for Detono. In last match of the day we defeated team Sokol Ingtel were by 2:0 in sets.

At sunday, before the finals in wich perfomed first four teams, we had to play last two games of regular segment. First we defeated team Sokol 2:0 (17:14, 22:16) , and then BHC Čakovec two times by 19:18. With score of 8-1 we ended on third place, behind teams Detono and Sokol.

In semifinal we played against our big rivals Sokol, in second mutual match that day. In first set neither team had chance to separate themselfs, which went to hands of Sokol. In second case the occasions were the same. Dubrava had the chance to score the wining goal but Sokol had more luck and more composure.
In third-place-game we played against Čakovec. After first set which we won 22:21, second set was followed by great game from our side and we had 20:12 win. In final match played Detono and Sokol which went to last year winners Detono.

In female competition the final match was also between Detono and Solkol. Team Detono won with 2:0 (19:16, 12:10). 


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