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0004  UmagOpenFirst of three tournaments of Croatian championship starts this weekend in Umag. On it will appear male part of BHC Dubrava team. Women team debut this season will have to wait a little longer.On Sol Stella Maris courts will participate 20 teams (13 male, 7 female) from wich 8 are foreign (Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia and Poland), wich gives tournament big internacional meaning. One of the reasons for that is that Masters Cup is held on the same place week after this tournament. So teams are trying out the courts.


In male competition there will be 13 teams in two groups. Team Dubrava is in A group alongside with two times europian champions hungaryan Budaors Beach Stars BHC, four times europian champions Detono Zagreb, BHC Sesvete, BHC Čakovec and junior national hungarian team. Dubrava's goalkeeper Domagoj Bajić has comented the draw. "I can't say that we are pleased with draw because we are in group with reputable teams which have couple of last years participated on Masters. But we fear nobody and our goal is to participate in semi finals which would be a very good result. " Sistem of competition is that first two teams advantage to semi-finals where we will cross with other group in wich are: netherlands Paksoft Camelot, polish team BHT Piotrkowianin JK, slovakian Langoše and croatins representatives Sokol, Chemo Profili, White Boys and host of the tourmanent Umag .


In woman competition female team Dubrava unfortunatly won't be defending two times winner of this tournament. But tournament will be strong and without our team. While in male competition there are three teams which will participate on masters in woman competition there are four teams. In group A there are teams Sokol, TSHV Camelot and Chemo Profili, while in group B there are teams: Detono Zagreb, TSHV Camelot 2, PRO Sport Umag and Budaors Beach Girls. First two teams are advancing in tournament where they will on Sunday fight in half-finals and final.


You are able to watch the stream of tournaments on THIS link.


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