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Conclusion of Umag Open 2013

0006 rukometnapijeskuAfter great first day we acquaried two victories against BHC Čakovec and Hungary YNBHT, and defeat by Detono Zagreb, at sunday there was battle for medals in first this year's Croatian tournament, Umag Open 2013. Second day of tournament we had two group games against BHC Sesvete and Budaors Beach Stars


For semifinals first we needed to win against newly established beach handball club Sesvete. In both sets we showed superiority and we won 2:0 (19:12, 17:13). In last round of our the group. we played with two-times europian champions, team Budaors Beach Stars BHC. Day early Detono ensured place 1 in group, so our match with Hungarians directly decided who will pass to semifinals. First set started great and we didn't leave out advantage which resulted by wining the set 20:15. Specialy was emphasized our game in attack segment. In second set Budaors pushed more then in first set and they won it 18:14. In shoutout more luck had team Budaors and deservedly won the match. Budaors and Dubrava had both 7 points in group but because of Budaors win against Dubrava they advanced in semifinals.


After tough game against Budaors we played for fifth place against team White Boys, who were last year's torunament winners. Poor representation of our attackers and great representation of opponents goalkeeper Bosnić resulted with only 16 our points in two sets, which led to unavoidable defeat 8:11 and 8:10 by sets. Tournament was commentated by Ivan Vuksaović, right wing of Dubrava: " Considering that we were missing few important players, we can be satisfied with the result. In group with two europian champions only one set divided us from semifinals. Commendation for everybody in team on great fight and devotion for team ".


In Croatian final Sokol won against Detono Zagreb after shoutout. Both teams are perticipating on Masters tournament next weekend in Umag, Beach Handball Club Dubrava wants them great luck and succes on it. In third place game Piotrkowianin won with 2:1 in sets against Budaors and took the third place cup.


Male standings: 

1. Sokol, 2. Detono Zagreb, 3. BHT Piotrkowianin JK (Pol), 4. Budaors Beach Stars BHC (Hun), 5. White Boys, 6.BHC Dubrava, 7. Chemo Profili Zagreb, 8. Hungary YNBHT (Hun), 9.BHC Sesvete, 10. Paksoft Camelot (Ned), 11. BHC Čakovec, 12. Langoše (Svk), 13. Umag


In woman competition first place went to Detono Zagreb, who replaced the title from last year winners BHC Dubrava. In final match they won after shoutout against Holland team Paksoft Camelot. Bronze medal went to current Croatian champions team Sokol.


Final results in women competition:

1. Detono Zagreb, 2. Paksoft Camelot (Ned) , 3. Sokol, 4. Budaors Beach Girls (Hun), 5. Chemo Profili, 6. PRO Sport Umag, 7. TSHV Camelot II (Ned)


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