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Paksoft Camelot and CBP Alcala are the new European Champions

0005 beach handball logoThe Dutch team Paksoft Camelot and players of Spanish CBP Alcala have won the gold medal on the European club champions (EBT Masters) which was held in Umag, Croatia For both teams this was first Masters title in their history. BHC Dubrava wants to congratulate to both teams on their great success


First female semifinal was between OVB Beach Girls and Budaors Beach Girls, both Hungarian teams. Both sets went to the side of experienced OVB team, who qualified for finals against Dutch team Paksoft Camelot. Dutch girls won in second semifinal against Poland team KKS Polonia Kepno after shoutout. In the third place match first set was won by Hungarians, but in the second set, we saw better performance form Polonia, so they won that period of the game. For bronze medal decision was made in shoutout in which were beter Hungarian players form Budaors, who came on the Masters with wild card. In the big final we saw a great match between Paksoft Camelot and OVB Beach Girls. Camelot won the first set by showing great performance. Hungarians opened second set with more determination and started with 4:0 lead, but Camelot was able to reversed the score by the end of the set for there first Europian champions title. In duel between two Croatian teams Sokol won against Detono Zagreb and won fifth place, while Spanish team BMP Mijas G-7 finished tournament on the seventh position by winning 2:0 in sets against Swiss team Beachqueens .


In men's competition teams that reached semifinals were: Detono Zagreb (defending Champions), Rusian SKKM-Ekaterinodar BHC, Spanish Alcala and Poland BHT Damy Rade Inowroclaw. Detono, according to status of favorites, convincigly won against Poland team with 2:0 in sets (24:14, 19:7). In second semifinal the suspense was much bigger. Club Balonmano Playa Alcala won the first set with 22:17, and second with 19:17, with which they entered into the big final. The final match was worthy of the final Masters game. It's worthly to underline that teams played with aech other the day before where Detono won with 2:0. First set was better started by Spanish team and they had result advantage, but primarly because of Zagreb's goalkeeper Totić, Detono won the first set by 18:17. The second set was more even and none of the teams was able to have advantage. In thrilled last minutes of set more luck was on the Spanish side and match went to shoutout. In shoutout both teams showed remarkable level of concentration, and after the first 5 series winner was not known (10:10). Next tree series was also concluded witout any missed shoot, all the way to ninth serie in which we got new Europian champions. Alcala's player scored for one point, and Detono needed to score two points for win. But Spanish goalkeeper, Roberto Mateo saved Fantić's lob shout for big celebration. 


In third-place match, team SKKM-Ekaterinodar won against Damy Rade and with that they won third consecutive Masters bronze medal. Fifth place took team Salgotarjani Strandepitok, by winning Budaors Beach Stars after shoutout, while seventh place went to team Sokol who were better then young Swiss team Albena Beach Bulgaria.


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